Barb Schwarz

Staging The World

Barb Schwarz vision and mission of inventing Home Staging and The Staging Industry was and is to this very day “To Stage The World!”

Barb travels the world to share her ideas and concepts to improve people’s lives and environments where ever they live. Her Staging methods help people feel less Stress, bring more balance and peace to people’s homes no matter the size or investment of their house. Staging can literally “Heal” environments people say. Staging does not need to be expensive nor costly to people. Creativity at its best is truly what Home Staging is as Barb created it to be.

“Barb Schwarz has Educated Realtors®, Home Stagers, and the Public on Home Staging since the early 70’s. Barb is the Creator, Inventor and True Visionary who came up with the Staging Concept. She has built the Staging Industry from day one before any others had thought of it. There was no Staging concept in the Real Estate Industry at all until she came up with the Home Staging Concept. Barb Invented the Home Staging Concept and industry when she entered the world of Real Estate as an Agent in Bellevue, WA in the early 70’s. She quickly saw and realized the need sellers have of preparing their homes for sale. Her background in the theater in musicals and off Broadway plays gave her the idea of setting the scene and setting the Stage® in houses for buyers to see properties in the best way. This is how she came up with her concepts and called it Home Staging. Barb has frequently said that her invention of Home Staging was a gift from God. Her focus, ideas, vision, and creativity in this area became her mission and to this very day her passion grows more every-day. Her mission is to help create a better world through better home environments through the magic of Home Staging.

During Barb’s real estate career she personally Staged and Sold over 5,000 homes in the greater Seattle area. Now Barb has personally trained and taught over one million people in her classes since 1985. This year Barb marks her 33rd anniversary year as a Professional Speaker. She is a ‘Certified Speaking Professional’ designated by and awarded to Barb by The National Speakers Association in 1990. Barb is rated in the top 50 Most Influential Women in Real Estate Around the World by The Real Estate Network. Barb Schwarz pioneered and created both the “Staging To Sell” and “Staging To Live” ® concepts. She traveled the country and North America extensively from 1985 to today spreading vision and mission of Home Staging to millions through her live trainings, seminars, best-selling books, and her award winning DVD’s.

  • Creator of The Staged Homes Concept and Home Staging Industry
  • Creator of The Accredited Staging Professional®, ASP®, Course and The ASP® Master Course
  • Creator of The ASP® and ASPM® Designations
  • Lifetime Achievement Award given to Barb Schwarz by The Seattle King County Association of Realtors® for inventing Home Staging
  • Best Selling Author Please see her books On her site
  • Creator of The CAREERBook®
  • Award-Winning Professional Speaker
  • Founder of®
  • Founder of The Staging University®
  • Founder and Chairwoman Emeritus of The International Association of Home Staging Professionals®
  • Founder of The IAHSP® Charitable Foundation
  • Founder of The World Wide Staging Service Week®, WWSSW®
  • Founder of The
  • Rated as a Premier Top Producer as a Professional Real Estate Broker during her Real Estate Career

To contact Barb Schwarz or to Bring her to Your group to speak just email: [email protected]