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Staging The World

Barb Schwarz is currently writing her newest Staging Book entitled ‘Staging The World’. In her newest book, she will share her journey of all the things that happened inventing and building the Staging Industry to this very day.  And she has plenty to share with you including drama and incredible stories along the way. 

Also, Barb has invited Amazing Home Stagers to share their Stories in her new book as well. Overall, You will learn more, be thoroughly entertained, gain new ideas to apply in your business as well as be inspired to reach and obtain your goals and Dreams more easily through Barbs’ Business and Life Philosophy too.  

This book will become your Newest Favorite book. You will Treasure it as a Learning tool as well as for Important Staging History through Barbs’ Journey to Invent and Build The Staging World for Us All.”

Barb Schwarz vision and mission of inventing Home Staging and The Staging Industry was and is to this very day “To Stage The World™!”

Barb travels the world to share her ideas and concepts to improve people’s lives and environments where ever they live. Her Staging methods help people feel less Stress, bring more balance and peace to people’s homes no matter the size or investment of their house.

Staging can literally “Heal” environments people say.

Staging does not need to be expensive nor costly to people.

Creativity at its best is truly what Home Staging is as Barb created it to be.